First I want to thank all who have donated gift cards. Thank you very much.

I believe in the saying “Ask and you shall receive.”

Now, the future of the site will always be uncertain, but there are things we can secure.

I am asking for cash donation via PayPal or Payeer to help pay for site’s domain name, hosting and other expenses (VPS, internet) for the next 5 years.

In my calculations, $100 is the total expenses to keep our site working in one year.

The money from ads and url shorteners are not enough to sustain the site.

That’s why I’m asking our generous viewers out there to donate $10 in exchange for 1 month premium account to access file’s direct links.

I hope you can help me guys.

To contact me regarding donation, please email me @
But I prefer to chat in Telegram my username is @mooriah25

Thank you. Let’s keep the site alive for at least the next five years.

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