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  1. Thanks for replying me back Mooriah, if only I knew back then about this premium account I’d have bought this gift card.
    Maybe I should have asked you first. Anyways, I hope I can donate some amount to the website and support it. I just have to save up some $ I hope you understand this. I’ll get hold of you for more info eventually, thanks again for everything you’re posting here it’s quite a good content. I truly appreciate it and you definitely deserve all the props! Have a great weekend M ttys, take care.😉

  2. Hey! Thank you very much for your work! Could you tell me, please, how can I contact you to ask for the albums to be posted?

  3. Hi, thanks for your work! Could you plssss reupload these albums below? the links are all dead 🙁 Thank you a lot!!!

      1. He said: “thank you for your contributions; how can I donate since I live in South America?”

    1. Please, report dead links as comments to the respective post. This way the comment shows in the dashboard and in the comments bar.

    1. If you donate iTunes Gift Card you gain Subscriber status. If you don’t want to donate, you can get the content for free by clicking in one of the “Download” icons.

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